• These transparent eco-friendly stickers glow gently to provide a soothing beautiful atmosphere to any dark room.
  • They charge with light during the day or under electric light and give off their effective glow through the night to enhance the ambience of any room.
  • The stickers are 10cm by 5cm and the words vary in size due to the number of letters. They arrive packaged as seen in the pictures.
  • The stickers are self-adhesive and do not require any additional material to stick it to any surface. Simply remove the protective film and stick where desired.
  • These stickers will stick to walls, ceilings and furniture that are dry and clean, and remove easily without damage. You can arrange them in any pattern as desired.
  • For a brighter and longer glow place close the ceiling light or window.

99 Names of Allah

  • Beautiful glow in the dark names of Allah. Use these to remember Allah is with you, to learn or teach children of his beautiful names and attributes and to use as comfort in the darkness of the night. Every set sold will contribute to charity for orphans.